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Perfection: A Space Opera In One Act
July 15, 2000


tenor Peter Burroughs
as Perfection

mezzo-soprano Ana Castrello
as Dangerous Lil

and newcomer soprano Sandra Nino as Ms. Oldspecs. Internationally-acclaimed concert pianist Carlos Rodriguez will perform the instrumental score. Composer/Director Lesley Choy has expanded the production with  a "dueling castanets" dance sequence and a new "flamenco fantasy for piano" composed and performed by Mr. Rodriguez.

Excerpts from the Washington Post Review, July 20, 2000

...The "orchestra" was a synthesizer, played by Rodriguez, that produced a remarkable variety of sounds. The costumes and scenery, home-made, showed great ingenuity.

..."Perfection" ... the story's hero, [was] a role sung with excellent tone and an impressive flair for comic acting by tenor Peter Joshua Burroughs... Fine performances were given not only by Burroughs but by Ana Castrello and Sandra Nino, ... and by Eileen Joyner-Lewis, a singer unfamiliar to me who has a sweet, expressive voice and an engaging stage presence.

But the impression that lingers most strongly is that of the amateur performers in supporting roles and the chorus. Their enjoyment of the show was splendidly apparent and was shared by the audience.

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