Lesley Choy, Director

Lesley Choy is an artist and teacher who resides in Silver Spring with her husband and creative partner, Steven Choy, and their two sons. Ms. Choy began her professional artistic career in 1970, as a charter performing member of D.C.'s Folger Shakespeare Theatre. In 1975, she left the stage for the classroom, beginning her tenure of almost eight years as teacher of Drama, Language Arts, and Secondary English for Montgomery County Public Schools. Ms. Choy retired from teaching for MCPS in 1982, to be at home with her first, and then her second, child.

A prolific writer and composer, Ms. Choy has, in addition to her novel, The Klezmer Katz (Fox-Haycroft 1993), created works for genres including musical theatre, operetta, and opera. In 1995, at the behest of Washington Very Special Arts, she created and produced Perfection: A Space Opera In One Act, which premiered that year at the Kennedy Center For The Performing Arts , marking the formation of the Unidentified Flying Opera Company, which she founded and directs. The opera, which concerns the adventures and triumphs of a child with special needs on the remote planet Yo-yo, is performed interactively by the professional company and special-education students of the schools and facilities at which it appears. Beyond directing the UFO Co., Ms. Choy performs instrumentally and vocally with several musical groups at festivals and events throughout the Greater Washington area.

In addition to writing, composing, directing, and performing, Ms. Choy conducts writing and theatre arts classes ( including music classes) throughout the area. An advocate for children and adults with special needs, Ms. Choy actively seeks their participation in her courses and productions. 

You can e-mail Lesley at lesley@ufoco.org.

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